These articles are organized following the natural cycle of birth, growth, decay and death, followed by rebirth

Many philosophies speak of this cycle happening often within the wider arc of a lifetime in various forms, even within the space of a single thought that’s born, matures and dissolves.

As I grow older, I am increasingly aware of the characteristic of each phase, from the cycle of night and day to the illusions, and delusions, of ideologies, beliefs and empires.

As the cycle progresses, it is interesting to keep in mind that it needs time and space to manifest from beginning to end. Flashes of understanding, sometimes just small, insignificant happenings, are followed by long periods in which the effect of those events seem to slowly percolate through our being  and prepare us, almost structurally, to move along.

Understanding this apparent cyclic law of mutation, recognizing where we are in each moment, and understanding the in-between space, feeling how time  inevitably prepares us for the next step through this process of absorption and percolation,  may give hope to the hopeless, strength to the downtrodden, synchronicity to the lovers and humility to the powerful.

I therefore organized the main categories in this blog according to the emotional space my writings seem to pertain the most to. As to the contents of the writings themselves, they refer, or will as I write them, both to the intimately personal all the way to the cosmic, often passing through the social and political.  I believe even the personal can be translated to become the global, the shared, the spark for further enlightenment, and I tend to express it as a reflection of a common thread between humans, a thread which will pass through each differently, but of which we may one day learn to recognize the commonalities that unite us all.

Birth of the Dream

The dream usually contains both an original aspect of inspiration and creativity, and a delusional aspect of wishful thinking and attachment.


Irritation is fundamentally the friction we experience in noticing that reality resists our wishful thinking. It is the maturity of the dream, when details of the story begin to form a picture that starts to deviate from what we’d like to see happening.

Cognitive Dissonance

These are the flashes of understanding that usually accompany the death of the illusion. At this point the dream is stumbling, we may turn to the other side, try our best to ignore the arising consciousness that it is all over, but in the end the more we hang on to it the more it shreds before our very eyes. As we understand more and more about the death of the old dream, we may go through disorientation, anger, fear and a deep depression, and finally acceptance, sometimes follow by a long period of nothingness


It is only after we have stopped clinging to the past, after we have given up effort, that we may begin to appreciate the actual nothingness as pregnant emptiness. We begin again, slowly, to feel curious, inquisitive and creative, to wonder what the future has in store. We being to stir, to look, to listen, realizing we no longer bear the mental chains with which we bound ourselves to our old story, that there’s nothing stopping us, even if at the time we don’t know where we want to go. That is the time of great miracles, the chance for our heart to open, for carrying forward the good and the learned of our old stories into new, slightly wiser ones.


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