Birth of the Dream

Quite often, and maybe all the times, the better part of ourselves is what inspires us to action. Even if hidden in the folds of an egocentric approach, our motivation rarely contains the idea of damaging others. So the birth of emotion which leads us into taking concrete steps can be seen as an opportunity to discover our better nature. If I dream of enjoying my days by the pool side, there’s a good quality associated with that, an expansive, inspiring sense of well being. I never dream of making money to buy a house with a pool because I want to exploit others and because I don’t care about their well being.

So we can find out that our dreams and aspirations are fundamentally good. But every dream we grow attached to seems to carry with it some sort of poison that causes it to falter and eventually wither. Our lives are littered with broken dreams, and we spend a lot of time wondering why, what’s wrong with us that we can’t build anything lasting and positive.

This section is about the moment when we give rise to the dreams and illusions which propel us forward. Hopefully in each post you will recognize both aspects, the pure intention and its gross manifestation, which eventually may lead to the downfall of any endeavor.

What About Me


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