Following birth and the attachment of intellectual delusions that so promptly follows the birth of anything we engage in, comes the tending of our wishful thinking. The maturity of an empire, whether a geopolitical one or the empire we claim over our life as if it was a domain to be built up, conquered and defended for eternity,  is a beautiful sight indeed. There’s a magic moment where things seem to go just right, and we believe it proof that we have made the right choice.

It is easy then to get deeper and deeper into the delusion that this thing we’ve made up in our mind, whether our own or the collective mind that we all agree about through the endless repetition of a common story, will go on forever. It looks very strong. Well, ok, some things still aren’t quite working, but they could, and so they will.

We get cranking, so to speak, we get very excited, and even fail to notice that slowly, imperceptibly almost, the number of things that are getting misaligned with our view increases instead of decreasing. The resulting irritation is subconscious at first, but slowly it certainly starts to command our attention.

Irritation is the kind of reaction we have when we are focused on a goal, namely our dream, and obstacles get in the way of what we consider a perfectly obtainable result.

The Hopeless Awakening
No turning back


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