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Here’s another fantastic list which I found on my Facebook wall one day and saved it before it scrolled off into FB’s memory verse.

I need to go through it, and organize it, as well as add to it. For now, I’m enclosing the entire message I saved. Enjoy!

(start of message)

Kaya Rose and I are about to hop into a miniRV and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Other people such as Josh, Andrew, and Glenn may joining us for legs of the adventure. The Colaboratori has gone mobile and we are going to spend the next few years traveling around the country meeting amazing people, supporting badass projects, and documenting it for our community. Trail-blazing for the win.

And, we can use your help.

We think our network may have more intelligence than we do individually? What amazing people do you think we should meet? What inspiring projects would you like us to put our energy into?

Right now, we are focusing on sustainability and resilience based stuff. We are particularly interested in whole systems infrastructure projects, permaculture, collaborative consumption, makerlabs, other colaboratoris, and hackerspaces.

Everyone! Feel free to enter projects and their websites, if they have any, below! (Also, on that note, feel free to organize into categories, or in any other way you feel fit!)

Via Andromedus Primavera:

Our communal house in NE Portland, tongue-in-cheekily-named Chalet Olé is gearing up for a summer of building projects, including some natural building with cob.  Our biggest project in the works is a rocket mass heater (like this one:  We need more than just capable hands for our work parties.  We need people to help us plan, research and be involved throughout the process.

List of 93 Superhero Schools:

Via Ben Goodman

Blue Ridge Liberty Project suggested

Via Sebastian:

Open Source Ecology:

The Venus Project:

Oasis Design


Via Sage:

Inspiration Farms:

Permies (Permaculture all the time)

End of the Road Ranch:

Via Eric:

Internet of Food:

Via Zach:

Urban Farming:

Organic Seed Alliance:

Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute:

The Earth Institute

Transition Towns:

Vertical Farms:

MIT’s IDEASvGlobal Challenge (Inspiration for Solution Generator.)

Vertical Farms:


New Forest Farms:

Urbanization Project

Southern Oregon PermaCulture Institute:

MT Pleasant Solar Coop

Clean Energy Collective:


LA GreenGround

Truly Living Well (Farming)

Metro Atlanta UrbanFarm

Cultivate Kansas City

The Urban Farming Guys:

City Slicker Farms (Urban Farming)

One Word PermaCulture (Austin)

Love is a Farm (Atlanta)

Rhizome Collective (Austin)

Federation of Egalitarian Communities:

Ecovillage Network of the Americas:

Global Ecovillage Network

EarthHaven Ecovillage:

LA Ecovillage:

Sawyer Hill Ecovillage: (New England)

Via Bauwens, M

Via vic:
Ionia (Community)

Milagro (cohousing)

Earth To freedom (Urban Homesteading.)

EcoVillage At Ithica

EastWindCommunity: (MIssouri Community)

Via Jeff:

Vahalla Movement:

Mark sheppard’s permaculture farm


Charter Cities:




Think Tanks/Schools/Groups/Guilds


I guess you must know John Robb from Resilient Communities.. he put this in his mail recently…

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Cooking for Solutions” event.

It’s an unusually cool conference in that it uses ‘good food’ as a way to get leading farmers, fishermen, scientists, chefs, and environmentalists together in one place to explore long term solutions to global food production.

Urban Farm Units


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