(video) Sacred Economics

All that we do, our actions, our planning, our dreams and our failures is somehow connect to the idea of money. The most fundamental, life-threatening problems that we as a species face today are rooted in the scarcity of money. For example, we are told that hunger cannot be eradicated because of lack of money, not of food. Or that we do not have enough money to invest in renewable energy, hence our need to get the energy we rely on by destroying the environment. At a smaller scale, money often plays an even bigger role. We often feel we cannot really live the life we want  because of money. We cannot switch to a job that is more beneficial to the world, we cannot even work less than two jobs all because we need money.

If you are like me, often stuck in the understanding that unless we radically change our economic system we will not be able to get out of this rut, and often almost paralyzed by the knowledge that our infinite growth economy is quick approaching the point where there are no longer enough resources to make it bigger and bigger still, then you also feel somehow doomed: there’s hardly any viable ideas out there, certainly not mainstream, and most of us are not economists.

This video is for all of us, to give us a hint that there are indeed other ways, and that we have the power to understand them and embrace them. As Eisenstein puts it, we are coming out of the childhood of man, we need to stop tinkering and playing with our toys, and become adults.  This video is just an introduction. The book on Sacred Economics is here.